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3540 entries.
Brooke from Upstate NY wrote on 9 February 2017:
Saw you all about 6 years ago and was blown away! I'm hoping I get to see you all again at the Celtic Fling in June!
Chad from McIntyre wrote on 7 February 2017:
I discovered you last week on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and shared your incredible musical sounds with my wife and 3 girls just this morning. They were all singing and dancing around, smiles everywhere. Isn't that what it's ALL about? Needless to say we are now fans and look forward to seeing you live someday soon. Irish Fest in Milwaukee, WI is our festival, always the 3rd weekend in August and is the largest in the U.S. Huge audiences! We would love to see you there. Sláinte!
Vero from Antwerp wrote on 3 February 2017:
Hey guys, I am a huge fan and I wonder if you are coming to Belgium one day .. you guys re travelling a lot.. so don't forget about Belgium !! XO
Suzanne Andrews Myers from Fort Myers wrote on 29 January 2017:
Love Love Loved hearing you all at Centennial Park Yesterday. I am now a Huge mother (83) and I marveled at the soulful blend yesterday...Cant wait to see you all again.

Thank you for the inspiration!!!
Artonus from Sheffield wrote on 23 January 2017:
I am surprised how energetic your music is. Very interesting rhytms and feeling. Listening to this is such a pleasure.
Kyle and Lisa brotherton from Hooksett wrote on 30 November 2016:
After spending the last five years enjoying albannach coming to America And performing at the Highland games in New Hampshire my wife and I will be enjoying are ten year anniversary in Scotland with the group.we just booked are bronach tour. April can't get here fast enough. Still can't believe we will be with you guys in Scotland.
Christy Munyon from Covington wrote on 18 November 2016:
Love your music and the energy you all bring to the stage at The Ohio Renaissance Festival. Every year I bring someone new to the show and they leave a fan. Many blessings to you all!
Michelle from Ft. Myers wrote on 5 November 2016:
Can't wait to see you guys again in January! Have seen you for the last 2 years at Cape Coral and LOVE the music! The music stands for a great country, purpose!
Wes from Baltimore wrote on 7 October 2016:
I have been a fan of Albannach since I first saw you at the MD Renaissance Faire some time ago and was supremely happy to see that you were going to be in PA this weekend. Looking forward to experience the sounds live once again before the year is out.
Andrew Jeffries from Painesville, OH USA wrote on 3 October 2016:
My wife and I very much enjoyed your performances this past weekend at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Your music and your energy and your singing were a delight. It impressed me personally because what you did was live and not processed by computers. It was just powerful music. Thank you. Thank you for your work. Thank you for your time. Thank you for doing what you do so well. God bless all of you. Peace
Aimee from Vandalia wrote on 3 October 2016:
I got to see and hear you at the Ohio Renaissance Festival for the first time and I am already looking forward to next year's! Thank you so much for bringing Scottish Drums to the Ohio Valley, where so many of us are proud to carry Scottish blood! Rock on proud drummers!?
Ben from Columbus wrote on 2 October 2016:
This is the second year I've gotten to hear you guys at the Ohio Renaissance Festival! So awesome ? - I walked away with your first CD and one of the DVDs. Definitely coming back for the 15th/16th!!!
Tisha Schaults from Pittsburgh wrote on 30 September 2016:
Tom and I found you online awhile back and have started sharing your music with our friends . We have a camping group that we run and we listen to your music before going on trips.
Tisha Schaults
Wendy B wrote on 22 September 2016:
I stumbled across you on youtube a couple of months ago and became an instant fan. Love your music and your energy. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Really hope that you do a tour of Canada (Manitoba, in particular ?) in the not too distant future.....pretty please. I'm sure there are lots of fans here that feel the same. In the mean time, keep bringing wonderful music to the world.
Tom and Barbie from Manchester, NH wrote on 18 September 2016:
Another AMAZING show at the Highland Games in Lincoln! Energy, energy, ENERGY!
Sarah & Blake from Denver wrote on 14 September 2016:
Did you know that when you're not at the Estes Park Scottish & Irish Festival it's not as fun? I mean, we still go, but Albannach is the main reason for dumping our kids with family and heading up to the hills. 🙂
Leslie Fraser Bozek from Grand Rapids wrote on 19 August 2016:
I saw you at the Detroit Highland Festival and absolutely love your music. Looking forward to seeing you in Ohio in October.
Moira E. from Belle River Ont. wrote on 16 August 2016:
My husband and I had a chance to catch you at the Fergus Festival this year. Love your music, such energy and power , love the drums and didgeridoo . Keep up the great music . Moira
Laureen from College Station wrote on 15 August 2016:
Love the music. There is such power in it. Keep on making joy for the world.
Joe Cairney from Mono, Ontario, Canada wrote on 6 August 2016:
I'll be in the Highland Pub, Fergus Scottish Festival, for your 5pm show on the Saturday. All your music is great, but i reallyI hope you do The Gael.

Jack wrote on 3 August 2016:
I love your Burlin music! Beautiful song!
Robin from Trenton wrote on 25 July 2016:
Incredible first time experience watching the band perform in my hometown at the Kincardine Scottish Festival. Looking forward to seeing you live again and dancing on the grass . Just received my order from your website of a cd and tshirt. Many thanks.
Mike wrote on 10 July 2016:
Saw you at the festival. Awesome.
Lisa & Chris from Toronto wrote on 3 July 2016:
We had the chance to hear you at the Kincardine Scottish Festival this weekend and we just wanted to say we loved the awesome sound and energy! Hope to see you all again!
Tom Halpin Jr from Egg Harbor Township wrote on 29 June 2016:
Just caught you live at the Celtic Fling, great , great sets ! Looking forward to rocking again , had to order a shirt online, they sold out at the show...see ya !