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3530 entries.
Nicole King from Cazadero, CA wrote on 3 September 2018:
Such an amazing show at Pleasanton, CA. We really enjoyed it and showed up for both days!
Jean Tenore from San Jose wrote on 1 September 2018:
Slamming performance at the Highland Games in Pleasanton!
Alice Peart from ST CATHARINES wrote on 11 August 2018:
I saw your band last night at the Fergus mass bands tattoo. You are amazing!!!! I could have listened to you all night! You have another devoted fan!
Melody Sweeney from Brattleboro wrote on 23 July 2018:
I don't know how to properly express the level of gratitude I feel after Jamesie SO WONDERFULLY gave my 69 year old mother with cancer a very special shout-out during their show at the Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival this past weekend. The entire crowd cheered for her and there was so much love and healing energy in the air it was unbelievable!! She and I were so deeply touched we haven't come down from the clouds all weekend and I doubt we ever will. Jamesie, you and the rest of our beloved Albannach made my dear mother feel so special, so loved and so supported and this feeling will stay with her for the rest of her days. (And she said she is never washing the shirt she was wearing when we got pictures with you.) Words can't express how happy she is and how grateful I am and will always be!
With all my love!!
Lori Holcomb from Oswego, NY wrote on 22 July 2018:
Thank you so much for coming to Northampton, Mass this weekend, making a huge dream of mine come true! The icing on the cake was getting my pic taken with Jamesie by my daughter, who made me do it! Lol.. love you all so much, and I hope I am fortunate enough to see you angain!
Diane Belford from N. Chesterfield wrote on 19 July 2018:
Glad you are coming back to Richmond, VA this October! Hope to see ya then!??️❤
Amy Stefanik from New Bedford, Massachusetts wrote on 4 June 2018:
I saw you guys for the first time at Old Orchard Beach in Biddeford, Maine at the Festival June 2nd and man you all are AWESOME !!! I had to buy one of your albums 🙂 I am a true fan of yours for sure !! 🙂 I love your sound !! You guys ROCK !!!
Susan Armour from Bellevue wrote on 2 June 2018:
Weel, my Lord. You all are really getting around the States this summer. Hope to see you at Waynesville Vwlt Fest
Laurie from Knox wrote on 31 May 2018:
Are you coming back to Glasgow ky ?
Schlagzeuger Sascha from Neuss wrote on 24 May 2018:
Completly different then what i do on my drumms (Schlagzeug) but i still like your music.

Greatink from: Schlagzeuger Rhein-Kreis Neuss
TOM & CHERYLE ANDERSON from COLUMBUS wrote on 4 May 2018:
Sherry Young from Cape Coral wrote on 4 March 2018:
We had the opportunity to see Albannach perform at the Cape Coral Irish Festival guys ROCK!!!! Love your sound, I could listen to you all day. Even my 10 month old granddaughter was dancing and rocking in my arms! We hope to see you play live again soon, and I’ll definitely blast your cd in my car at the red light the next time some kid is blaring their rap or techno “music”, give ‘em a taste of awesome Albannach!!
Kay Roosa from Starke wrote on 12 February 2018:
So glad that De introduced me to you guys, love your music and you guys are such great people. The first time I saw you guys, we were on the cruise about 4 years ago and like your other fans, it is very hard not to love your music and your performances.
Sheena McNeil Cowie from Naples Fl and North East Scotland wrote on 27 January 2018:
Been watching your band these last 14 years at Celtic Festival Fort Myers with various band members, and our dear friend Davie Ross. RIP.?
Guys now for the negativity, I know why he is there on stage, but you need to lose him It's ruining your music . Sorry just saying !??
Rebecca and Marina from Brooksville, FL wrote on 5 November 2017:
Marina and I just wanted to say hello. She is having surgery on both of her legs on November 16 and she really wanted to be walking when we see you in Orlando, but it looks like she will not have her new prosthetics in time. She is disappointed, but maybe she will have them by the time FAM JAM comes around a month later.
I know when she sees you guys, she will be as happy as can be and she will have the time of her life, prosthetics or no. Love to all of you from Rebecca and Marina.
Nancy McLaughlin from Kingsport wrote on 4 November 2017:
So excited to see you when you come to the Smokey Mountains !!!! You seriously get the blood moving!!!!
Linda G Daniels from Boiling Springs wrote on 25 October 2017:
Saw you at the Statesville Balloon Rally and was blown away. I've just ordered your whole collection and contributed to get you back to the US ASAP. Enjoy your holidays back at home. Would love to hear back and correspond.??❤???
Steve from Manchester wrote on 14 October 2017:
Saw you guys perform at the Ohio Ren Fair. And all l can say is it was pure awesomeness. Your music inspires the soul in all of us. It was a pleasure to meet you afterwards and thanks for signing the cd. Cheers and hope to see you there next year.
John Price from Crittenden wrote on 8 October 2017:
Awesome shows at the Ohio Renfair. Loved the sound and the energy. You have a unique sound that beats in the breast of all.
Bradley M. Duncan from LEOMINSTER wrote on 3 October 2017:
Thanks for another year at the NHSCOT highland games! Always love seeing you guys! So much energy and fun to watch
Neil from Ajax, Ontario wrote on 30 September 2017:
Lovin the tunes guys! Hope to see you live one day!
Rita Keiser from Baltimore, MD wrote on 27 September 2017:
LOVED YOU GUYS at the MD Renfest! You were great as always & Drew makes a great addition to the band. Don't stay away so long we miss you!! Keep rockin & God Bless
Thom O'Donnell wrote on 17 September 2017:
Another great weekend at Loon Mt. has come to an end. Looking forward to seeing you guys again next September.
albert wrote on 8 September 2017:
Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!
Leslie Bozek from Grand Rapids wrote on 14 August 2017:
Just saw you in Lavonia Michigan and Fergus ON. Love your music and how you get the crowd so involved. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us.