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3530 entries.
Mariam wrote on 23 January 2016:
Discovered you at the Central Florida Highland Games. I am enraptured! Thank You!!!
JD Murchison from Long Beach, CA wrote on 21 January 2016:
I witnessed your outstanding music in Lincoln NH in 2010 while on a one year trip around the USA. Can't wait to see you when you come to the Highland event in Pleasanton CA in 2016 we hope.
Jennifer from NJ wrote on 14 January 2016:
Saw you play at the NJ Renaissance Fair, loved you ever since. Just ordered a new shirt, going to see you again at the Scottish Music Festival and Irish Fair
Kate from Caledon Village wrote on 9 January 2016:
Hoodie, T-shirt and bottle opener ordered for boyfriends birthday - check Camping and tickets for Fergus - check Its starting off to be a grand year !
Juanita from MD wrote on 9 November 2015:
Was great getting to see you at the Maryland Irish Festival this past weekend.
Alisa from New Jersey wrote on 6 November 2015:
Stumbled onto your band about 5 years ago at the PA Ren Faire and come back every year now (dragging other people with me) on whichever weekend you guys will be there. Love the band, the energy, the music. May have to catch your upcoming show in King of Prussia as I can't wait until next year's Ren Faire!
Pam Jenkins from N.C. USA wrote on 2 November 2015:
Loved your show tonight at the Highland Brewery in Asheville! Just moved back home to NC after living in Tx for 9 years and I missed your live shows. Safe travels guys...and girl 😉
Anna from Ohio wrote on 20 October 2015:
Was such an honor to get to hear and meet everyone at the renaissance festival!!
Holly Culver from Rockwell Nc wrote on 19 October 2015:
Just saw you all at the Carolina balloon fest. Amazing. I am hooked
Jessica Sherlock from Raleigh, NC wrote on 17 October 2015:
I'm sorry I missed your show next door, but enjoyed hanging out at the bar in Pour House on Thursday night. Plank of Wood, ha!
Susan Klonowski from Richmond Hill , Ontario wrote on 15 October 2015:
A friend posted one of your music video's on her page. I have been addicted since!Hope to see you in Niagara Falls or Niagara on the Lake one day!
Annette Cook from Lucas Ky. wrote on 15 October 2015:
Just wanted to say what an awesome time I had , as wellas the brothers this past weekend at the Ren. Faire. IT was amazing and left me wantimg more. thank Goodness for C.d.s Great memories, with great friends. Your "old groupie from Glasgow Games!!!
Dustin from Ohio wrote on 12 October 2015:
My daughter and I just saw you at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. You we're all amazing! True talent, can't wait to see you all again! God Bless.
Mark Fields from Ohio wrote on 11 October 2015:
We were able to witness to wonderful and powerful music you played. Thank you for entertaining us and look forward to seeing you again.
Dave Cross from Richmond, Indiana, USA wrote on 10 October 2015:
WOW! I will be attending Ohio RenFestival and thought I would check out your videos. AWESOME! My family has heritage to Scotland, but I dont know details. (most of my relatives have passed so I dont have anyone to ask names, etc) I am excited to see you live sunday the 11th.
Marcia Burden from San Francisco CA wrote on 9 October 2015:
I so enjoyed you all at the annual Scottish Games held in Pleasanton CA. Such a great time with the band and party people that really enjoy your vibe. It's unique and nothing like anything else. Thank you for making time to spend with your fans ... I got some great pictures with you all. Cant wait to see you again.
Kay Innes Schmitz from Biloxi, MS wrote on 8 October 2015:
I've been under a rock!! I first heard this music today and am HOOKED! AWESOME, AWESOME,AWESOME! Wish you had the CD of The Mighty Nach Live so I could listen to it on my route 66 trip! Fan For Life!
Sheri Bradey from Shelby NC wrote on 7 October 2015:
U are Awesome...and i love my Albannach hoodie...Hope to see you in NC this month.
MATT MCDANEL from beaver falls, pa. wrote on 2 October 2015:
Lileas NicAoidh from District of Timiskaming Northern Ontario wrote on 30 September 2015:
Found you on Youtube and fell in love 🙂
Bill Reid from Connecticut wrote on 27 September 2015:
Loved your show
jeff from east brookfield ma wrote on 27 September 2015:
saw you last night at pipes in the valley absolutely amazing. we will never miss one of your shows in this area. AWSOME
Lady Valdepena of Lochaber from Concord, NH wrote on 22 September 2015:
Saw you with my husband and daughter; last weekend at the NH Highland Games.Simply amazing! It made my daughter want to take drumming lessons. I am so happy! Thank you for being Awesome and inspiring my daughter to embrace music like her father and I do!
Donna McDuffee Infantino from Londonderry, NH wrote on 21 September 2015:
I was at the Loon Mountain Highland Games and was blown away by your music and the raw energy that it brings to the sole. I am now a fan and will be listening to my CD and immersing myself in your music. Can't wait to see you again.
Carla Ducharme from Clarksburg, MA wrote on 20 September 2015:
We LOVE Albannach. Just returned from the Highland Games at Loon Mountain, NH. Albannach concert was awesome - as always!. Was fortunate to have a picture taken with Jamesie. Albannach his always a must for us when at the games!!