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3540 entries.
Nancy McLaughlin from Kingsport wrote on 4 November 2017:
So excited to see you when you come to the Smokey Mountains !!!! You seriously get the blood moving!!!!
Linda G Daniels from Boiling Springs wrote on 25 October 2017:
Saw you at the Statesville Balloon Rally and was blown away. I've just ordered your whole collection and contributed to get you back to the US ASAP. Enjoy your holidays back at home. Would love to hear back and correspond.??❤???
Steve from Manchester wrote on 14 October 2017:
Saw you guys perform at the Ohio Ren Fair. And all l can say is it was pure awesomeness. Your music inspires the soul in all of us. It was a pleasure to meet you afterwards and thanks for signing the cd. Cheers and hope to see you there next year.
John Price from Crittenden wrote on 8 October 2017:
Awesome shows at the Ohio Renfair. Loved the sound and the energy. You have a unique sound that beats in the breast of all.
Bradley M. Duncan from LEOMINSTER wrote on 3 October 2017:
Thanks for another year at the NHSCOT highland games! Always love seeing you guys! So much energy and fun to watch
Neil from Ajax, Ontario wrote on 30 September 2017:
Lovin the tunes guys! Hope to see you live one day!
Rita Keiser from Baltimore, MD wrote on 27 September 2017:
LOVED YOU GUYS at the MD Renfest! You were great as always & Drew makes a great addition to the band. Don't stay away so long we miss you!! Keep rockin & God Bless
Thom O'Donnell wrote on 17 September 2017:
Another great weekend at Loon Mt. has come to an end. Looking forward to seeing you guys again next September.
albert wrote on 8 September 2017:
Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!
Leslie Bozek from Grand Rapids wrote on 14 August 2017:
Just saw you in Lavonia Michigan and Fergus ON. Love your music and how you get the crowd so involved. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us.
Elizabeth Thomas from Bradenton wrote on 30 July 2017:
I am a 2nd gen. American Scot. My aunt & uncle were born in Edinburgh my Great Gran was 5month pregnant with my grandma when they made the trip here. A friend of mine gave me a burnt mixed CD on it was 2 of your tunes (hooligans holiday & valhalla feast. I fell in love with y'all at the beat. Now I am sharing the music with my grandson & he loves it. Thank you
Phyllis Nunn Moyer from Allentown wrote on 12 July 2017:
My granddaughter first saw you when she was 3 at the Pa. RennFaire. She is now 9. When she gets in my car she asks me to play 'the music', your CD. When you played at the NJ Renaissance Festival she was sitting in front of me. When you started to play she quickly turned around and said, "YaYa, it's the music!". She was so excited and she and I had the pleasure of sharing that day with her parents and her younger brother. None of them had ever seen you and became immediate fans.
Stacy from Runnemede wrote on 28 June 2017:
I have been a fan for many years now i have seen you guys in Manheim PA in the USA and in Maryland irish festival in the USA we travel many hours to see you perform i also have converted my son and his wife you are all very nice and gracious with your time I love you always take the time for pictures and to talk with us keep up the great playing we hope to see you in Oct of this year
Jessica from Hunterdon wrote on 25 June 2017:
I want to say you all were great ! My family and i are all fans and ..had the oppertunity to not only see you play live , but personally meeting some of you.. my daughter was in awe and very happy to attend her first concert ,having a greeting ,pics and autograph shirt ?. You were all so kind ,keep drumming on. Many blessings, Thank You
Aimee Barnes from Ellsworth wrote on 19 June 2017:
Hey Guys! I have been a huge fan of yours for years now, and I absolutely love your music. I recently attended the Old Orchard Beach Scottish festival in Maine and was able to see perform three times! I have seen you many times before but your performances are awesome and full of energy every time. I was the girl at the Primal Purge kick-off party who was holding a homemade sign and dancing around. After the show, I talked to you and got your autographs and I was couldn't stop talking about it for days. That was the best day of my life! I will forever be a member of Nach Army!
Your Biggest fan ever, Aimee
Catherine from Riverside, Rhode Island wrote on 13 June 2017:
Cant believe its been 6 years James since your accident.
Catherine from Riverside, Rhode Island wrote on 12 June 2017:
Will we be seeing you in New Hampshire this year with Drew? I love your Bronnach cd the mix of the drums, pipes and digeridoo
Catherine from Riverside, Rhode Island wrote on 12 June 2017:
Hi Albannach, I have been a fan since you were clan and drumma. I have seen you perform at Loon Mountain New Hampshire, Concord New Hampshire and the Washington County Fair in Richmond, RI I have all your CDs, both documentary DVDs, 2 t shirts and a hat. James I was one of those supporters when you were not able to attend one of the Rhode Island festivals. I remember one of your volunteers showed me her phone, it was a text from you saying that you were ok and grateful for all the support. you guys rock!!!!!!!!
Anja Adam wrote on 3 June 2017:
Hei from Norway!!!
I just wanted to buy all your CDs and EPs at once. Unfortunately unsuccessful, since I have no PayPal account and does NOT want to have one. Is there no other way to purchase your stuff ??? Really a pity! But anyway, goosebumps on every single piece! Awesome!!!
Admin Reply by: Albannach
Hello Anja,

Thanks for getting in touch. We use PayPal to process all of our online payments, however creating an account is optional, you can simply pay using a credit/debit card - without signing up.

Chris @ Albannach.
Ilse from Pretoria, South Africa wrote on 8 May 2017:
Just discovered you on YouTube. Love your music. So much power and emotion. Wish I could have seen you in live concert.
Kim pORTER from Saint Augustine wrote on 13 March 2017:
Just want to say What another great weekend!!! You never disappoint! Thanks for playing Sunday after the rain! I so look forward to All coming every year to Saint Augustine!! Your 50 year Miami Dolphin, Albannach groupie! Can not wait to see you all Again Safe trip Home to Scotland!!
Laurie S Russell from Groveland wrote on 12 March 2017:
I want to thank all of you, your music is my housecleaning music. Or at least it will be once again when I can replace our 4k TV which I broke. A friend introduced me to your music on Facebook and I love it. I will be seeing you for the first time in Pleasanton this year.
Debbie B from St Cloud wrote on 28 February 2017:
I love your music and your on video antics. I am half Scottish half Irish Family history. I will be at St Augustine to see you. The main reason is to see you. I'll be the chubby chic yelling and dancing to your music....
Graham from Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland wrote on 26 February 2017:
Wow This just brings a tear to my eyes. Was watching you in Edinburgh years ago but lost the the first album. Now on a random search found you all for download again just purchased 4 albums to make up for lost time!
Wendy Ingraham from Brattleboro wrote on 16 February 2017:
I am thrilled to see you are scheduled to return to the Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival in 2017! There is NO better band in all of Scotland and the entire world....when you start up the band on stage I swear I start to levitate....and tap so far into my own Scottish heritage I feel as though I am spiraling back into the past...I cannot say enough about you folks...nothing moves me the way your music does....what a rare privlege it is to see you in concert and have my spirit soar! I LOVE YOU ALBANNACH! you ROCK!