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Founded in 2005, this Pipes & Drum band has taken the USA by storm. Their unique style, charismatic stage performance, and love for all things Scottish has drawn crowds from coast to coast.

A MUST SEE! Not just another Scottish Pipes & Drums band! Albannach’s primal drumming and precise piping stirs the soul of anyone who hears them- young and old! These folks ARE Highlanders! Scottish Warriors to the Core!

With 5 CDs, 1 Documentary (Scotumentary), Multiple Fan Tours to Scotland, Canada and the open sea; the Nach Army is 43k and growing!

These Celtic Rock Stars are as charismatic off stage as they are on. Being charming, intelligent, funny AND Scottish make all the right ingredients for a great interview. Radio, TV, Print they are comfortable with it all!

Meet The Band

Jamesie Johnston

Jamesie is the bass drummer with the band and is also responsible for some of the bands vocal works.

Born in Glasgow in 1973, he was raised there and left school at an early age to become an apprentice motor mechanic.

After serving his time as a mechanic, he moved on to other forms of employment one of which was doing some film work for various UK film production companies and the discovery channel.

It was through doing this that he stumbled into the music scene and soon found himself playing the bass drum with another tribal drum crew. After working with them for 5 years he moved on and became part of Albannach, where he holds the title “the baron of bass.”

Jamesie’s musical influences are mostly rock and roll, with bands like AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Metallica and Pink Floyd being some of his favourites. He is also very fond of classical music and enjoys the works of Bach and Yanni.

Star Sign: Scorpio

Favourite Colour: White

Favourite Drink: Ice-cold Ginger Ale or Scottish Blend tea

In my spare time I like to… : Climb hills and ride classic motorbikes

If i was the town Mayor, I would…: Declare a town wide day off once a month – Steve McQueen Day – where people dress like Steve, drive like Steve and sit about watching his movies…Viva La McQueen!

Donnie MacNeil

Donnie is our world-renowned bag piper, we (lovingly) call him bullfrog, if you ever see him play you’ll understand why. He is extremely talented on other instruments too – a wicked drummer, and also plays piano and guitar.

Having played the pipes in many competitions and town halls throughout Scotland, he felt it was time to leave the traditional piping to the traditionalists and branch off into something more unique!

Soon he was picked up by a semi-professional band and was off on his travels playing places in Europe, America and Asia. After some painstakingly hard years he left to venture out with the boys and decided to take it to the next level…

When Donnie’s not touring, you will find him up the Islands on the northwest coast where he likes to do some composing, and also pursue liquid entertainment, but not necessarily in that order. Donnie can also be found relaxing at home watching the football, and of course being a dad.

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Favourite Colour: Green and white (hoops, of course !)

Favourite Drink: Arnold Palmer

In my spare time I like to… : Watch the footie !

If i was the town Mayor, I would…:Make having a Friday night ceilidh compulsory!

Jacquie Holland

Jacquie is the bass rhythm drummer in the band and is known for her haunting vocal skills.

Born in Paisley and brought up just outside Glasgow, from an early age she enjoyed horse riding and archery and later developed a passion for motorcycles and all things Scottish.

Initially trained in stage management and film technology, she eventually joined a Scottish Re-enactment organisation through which she met most of her current band mates.

Over the years, she was involved in many different film, television and theatre productions, music was a natural progression from this and after playing for over 5 years under a different name she and the boys decided to take it further !

She is a true “home girl” and when she’s not touring, loves nothing more than spending time with her family and friends.

Star Sign: Gemini

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Drink: A good cup of tea!

In my spare time I like to… : Spend quality time with family and friends

If i was the town Mayor, I would…: Improve jobs, education, emergency services and build an awesome Ceilidh club!

Nick Watson

Nick is the Lead Drummer for the band. Nick is the driving force behind the bands drumming.

Nick was born in Killyleagh, Co Down, in Northern Ireland, Nick Started to study around the age of Eleven with Gordon Parkes from the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band, he was playing in Grade 2 before very long and subsequently went to Grade 1 with the band. After an unfortunate road traffic accident forced him to quit the band he started experimenting on the drum kit and started playing around the Country with a few different rock bands. While playing and touring with one of these bands in the United States, that he made the decision to move permanently.

After settling in the USA Nick started looking for musicians who were like minded about putting a Celtic Fusion Band together, after meeting with Clan Na Gael, a 3 piece band based in NYC who were looking for a percussion player he joined and started touring the US playing Highland Games and Irish Festivals. This Band evolved into Seven Nations and he played with them until 1997 then he went and formed his own band Celtic Soul, followed by the formation of Rathkeltair with Neil Anderson (Clan Na Gael, Seven Nations) and Trevor Tanner (The Bolshoi) Toward the End of 2018 Nick had a call from Jamesie that he wasn’t expecting, asking Nick if he would be interested in coming to play with Albannach as Colin was stepping down from the position of Lead Drummer. The Rest is History as they say!
Star Sign: Capricorn

Favourite Colour: Black

Favourite Drink: Strong Black Coffee

In my spare time I like to… :Ride my motorcycles, go fishing

If i was the town Mayor, I would…:Ride my motorcycles and go fishing!

DidgeriDrew Reid

Raised in Philadelphia, DidgeriDrew, or as we like to call him “Token”, is the only American born Scotsman of the band. Despite his geographic location, as a child, he was surrounded by Scottish music and Scottish heritage.

As a young man backpacking in Colorado, he bought his first didgeridoo. While walking back to his hostel, he heard the familiar sound of bag pipes and followed them – like any good Scotsman would.

He had no idea that moment would be the beginning to an adventure that would lead him to Los Angeles, and then eventually to tour the world, with the band Brother.

Taking his rhythm on the road with us, as a guest performer, DidgeriDrew’s tribal sound worked out so well we decided to make him our first “Token” American band mate.

When DidgeriDrew is not playing music he can be found building his custom made didges, farming and at home relaxing with his kittens.

Star Sign: Ninja

Favourite Colour: Burple

Favourite Drink: Moo juice

In my spare time I like to… : Go gold mining

If i was the town Mayor, I would…: make everyone do the Lambada!

You can listen to some of our music using the players below. To download sample tracks for media use, please use the buttons at the bottom of this page.

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Albannach have performed at many private gigs, corporate events and festivals throughout United Kingdom, Europe and North America. Here’s a preview of some of the things they had to say about us…
As a presenter of Celtic Music we hear everything from Traditional to Celtic Rock. Whether it be Irish, Scottish, Canadian, Australian, South American or USA in interpretation, we have had it all. Some acts grow on you, some never will. But with Albannach it is different.

Gut grabbing from the go. No time for thought. No time but to get caught up in the beat, the intensity, the passion. Where are the fiddles and guitars ? Penny whistles and the mandolins ? Who cares ? This isn’t your grandfather’s Celtic beat !
The crowds swell and sway, leaps into the air, shouts approval, many transfixed and are taken centuries back and are a part of some long ago battle, in some far away Scottish Glen. As the drums are beat, the pipes are screaming, the feet crash on the stage, all of Albannach is moving faster and faster, arms flying, sweat pouring and the blood in the audience’ veins races.
Albannach is absolutely intoxicating!

Albannach makes my job incredibly exciting. And when they are with us – we know our event will be talked about positively and Albannach makes it a triumph !Bill Reid, East of the Hebrides Entertainments

The Highland Council booked Albannach to close their 2008 Hogmanay Party in front of a crowd of 11,000 in a specially constructed outdoor arena in Inverness. We were looking to bring our show to a rousing conclusion and we knew that following the excitement of the countdown to the bells, our fireworks display and a mass Auld Lang Syne that we needed to book a band that would have our crowd dancing on what we correctly assumed would be a freezing cold night.

Within seconds of their set starting it was obvious that we had made the right choice in asking Albannach to close the show and I would recommend booking them without hesitation.

The band were not only extremely popular with our crowd, they were extremely professional and helpful in the weeks leading up to our show and were described as a “pleasure to work with” by all members of our event’s technical team.Gerry Reynolds, Highland Council, Inverness Hogmanay Party -

Albannach brought the ethos of the Red Bull Hell Fire Club to life at the Hydro Connect Festival. The energy and passion the band put into their performance was transmitted to the huge crowds which spilled out of the tent with every performance. A pleasure to work with and to listen to both as event organisers and for the several thousand fans who were lucky enough to hear them play.Gary Knox, Amplify, Hydro Connect Festival
If you are interested in booking Albannach or having us appear at your event or festival, please fill in our Booking Enquiry Form. This will be passed onto our booking agent who will check the details of your request and get in touch with you to discuss further.

For official media enquiries, such as such as for interview requests, TV / radio / news appearances, and for image / digital media requests, please fill in our Media Enquiry Form. Your request will be forwarded to our media team who will be in touch with you as soon as possible.