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Mona Thompson from Reisterstown wrote on 27 March 2021
I first saw you at Mount Hope in Manheim, PA. I believe it was in 2005. I can't remember if it was Celtic Fling or the Renaissance Faire. Catherine, drummer for Coyote Run, told me to check out this "phenomenal band" since I'd taken such an interest in drumming. From the moment you all hit the stage I was mesmerized. Attended every Celtic Fling and PARF you all appeared at since then until Davey's last appearance with the band. And I live in Maryland, not Pennsylvania!
Corrina Ann Allman from Lexington wrote on 9 December 2020
I fell in love with your music when the band and David R. Ross were at the Maryland Rennaisance Fair. I'm of Scottish heritage and your music seems to speak to me. I also gave Jackie a pair of beaded earrings that I made with the colors of Scotland. Be well everyone.
Elizabeth H Gaffney from Barre wrote on 4 October 2020
Have been listening to Galgael...LOVE IT!!!!! Can't wait till the world straightens out and I'll be able to see you all in guys are wonderful and make me feel closer to my heritage...47% Scottish! 👍
Bambi Parsons from Black mountain wrote on 14 July 2020
The first time I saw you guys was at the grandfather mountain highland games back in 2009 and have loved your music ever cents and I am also a part of theNach Nation also know some of you under a different name
Kate from Fort Myers wrote on 31 May 2020
Saw you in a Fort Myers in February. Never heard Scottish music like yours. Absolutely loved the drums and pipes. I hope I get to see you in Maine; if not, I’ll look for you after you’re back. You all are fabulous!
Joe Cairney from Mono wrote on 27 May 2020
Please come back to the Fergus Highland Games when all this is over. It wouldn’t be the same without you. My wife and I are playing your cds and watching you on YouTube. Great stuff but need to see you live. Stay safe guys.
Sue Robinson from Bridgetown N.S. wrote on 17 February 2020
I love your music. The way bagpipes are played today is awesome! I've liked hearing them since I was a little girl, they were always in the parades & my grand-dad had music albums with them. I would love for you all to come to Nova Scotia. We have highland games & tons of festivals & music venues. Of course I live at the southern part of the province where there's not too many really big events but I'd travel if you all came here! Annapolis Royal does have great Natal Day celebrations (well so does Halifax?) but it'd be amazing if you came to our end!
Take care.
PS> I grew up in Scotland! Scotland, Ontario, Canada ?
Julie Grice from Hickory, NC wrote on 16 February 2020
I so enjoyed your performance at the Celtic Festival in Asheville yesterday ( Feb. 15, 2020)!!!
Bonnie Smiley Wells from Stuarts Draft, Virginia, but saw you in Statesville, North Carolina wrote on 20 October 2019
Dear Jacquie, Jamesie, Drew, Donnie and Nick,
My hubby, Bill, and I are IN LOVE with you guys. Ok, so I’m saying the In Love thing because Bill, being the manly Welsh guys he is, would say Aw geez Darlin’ don’t tell ‘em THAT, but me, being Scottish AND in my second childhood I am bound to tell it like it is. So. There you have it.
Jacquie, thank you so much for taking the time from your table sales duties to talk to me about your wonderful band family and to let my friend snap a photo of us. Two lasses in one photo- so great.
My maternal blood is Malcolm, (formerly McCollum) which included five Scottish kings. Duntrune Castle is still there. Don’t know if I’ll ever see it, but I carry the story in my heart. What a rich and important history we all, as Scots, possess. They say it ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up. And can’t we all, tho. Thank you for keeping it alive through your music.
Lyle Delph from Wilmington, OH wrote on 14 October 2019
I was working the Drew & Jacquie's side of the state. REALY enjoyed the show. Looking forward to your return in June 2020.
Doreen LeBlanc wrote on 23 September 2019
Saw Clann an Drumma many years ago at Highland Games in New Hampshire. They were amazing. Just came back from seeing Albannach in New Hampshire today. Was saddened to learn of Joe MacKenzies passing. Jamie, you still got it! Keep the spirit and drum on.
Heather Olmsted from Auburn,Ca wrote on 2 September 2019
My husband couldn't wait to take me this year and experience the sound, good vibes and dance. You are all so talented and the best part for me was watching everyone smile and dance without a care in he world. Pleasanton Highland Games will have you back and we look forward to next year. Thank you
Bambi Parsons from Black mountain wrote on 31 August 2019
I just heard your new album and it is awesome ❤️????????
Bambi from Black mountain wrote on 28 June 2019
I just got my sash and it is gorgeous
Todd Taylor from State College, PA. USA wrote on 25 June 2019
I had the opportunity to see/listen to Albannach at Celtic Fling in Manheim, PA, USA. It was a great show. Thank you for coming to Celtic Fling. I hope to see you guys again.
Bambi Parsons from Black mountain wrote on 23 June 2019
I think you put your heart and soul in your music and it is very powerful
Rhonda Betterly from xenia wrote on 16 June 2019
I got to see you live for the 1st time tonight!!! you rocked!! you even made a believer out of my boyfriend!! please come back to the dayton ohio area soon!!!
Gina Olson Namin from Old Orchard Beach wrote on 2 June 2019
You guys are the best and we enjoy your music so much! It definitely touches the soul and feels so good.
Jennifer Mantooth from Chatsworth ,Ga wrote on 20 May 2019
Loved your performance at the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival in Maryville, TN this past weekend. Great energy! You guys are amazing, can’t wait to see you again.
Susan Tefke from DAYTONA BEACH wrote on 7 February 2019
Wow! You all are amazing! I am so excited to see you perform in St. Augustine next month. You are my new favorite band(next to The Bay City Rollers) Take care. Peace, love[/band joy.
Rod Ragazzo from Windermere, FL wrote on 21 January 2019
I always look forward to the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games, and the main reason is : ALBANNACH! There has never , in the history of music, never been anything like them. Their tribal sound energized a crowd like no other. Thank you guys for rockin the damn house! Fan for life! ??
Robert Marriott from ORLANDO wrote on 20 January 2019
We are Albannach virgins but we got our cherry broke at the Winter Spring Scottish Highland Games. We loved the Scottish tribal punch in the gut that only truce Scotsman could bring. We loved the energy and performance by all the bands but Albannach stole the show! Considering some other festivals on the east coast just to see you all again. Hope you will all come back to Orlando! ?? "Its just pipes and drums"!
Sandi Brewer from Winter Springs wrote on 17 January 2019
"Santa Claus" & I are looking forward eagerly to seeing you all again this Saturday!??
Kathy English from Mechanicsburg wrote on 27 December 2018
Looking forward to your 2019 tour dates. Normally I see you at one of the celtic events in PA or MD. May all of you have a fabulous holiday and may 2019 be the best year ever. Slainte'