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Help Keep Albannach On The Road
Help Keep Albannach On The Road

As you will no doubt be aware when we are touring we travel many thousands of miles from gig to gig, state to state and we use up a huge amount of gasoline.  In these difficult economic times, with the increased cost of fuel (on top of everything else such as flights & accomodation) well - we're struggling ! 

We know that many of you have purchased every single piece of merchandise that the band has produced, and for that we are extremely grateful - you keep us going !  Some of you have expressed that you'd like to buy some more goodies in order to support us... but you already have eveything !

So, we came up with the idea that you could donate some gas to keep us going !   If you'd like to donate some gas and keep this bunch of Scottish Gypsies on the road, just select the number of gallons you'd like to buy us and hit add to cart !

The amount we pay for fuel varies from state to state - but it's usually between $2.75 & $3.25 per gallon, so we've set the per gallon donation to $3.00.  This will really help us out, and next time you see us at a gig... mention it to us after the show, and we'll give you some big sweaty hugs !

We cannot thank our fans enough for the continual support shown to us while we are on the road touring, pumping out the shows in our second home - America !  We appreciate you guys, the support you show us makes it all worthwhile !



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