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Melody Sweeney from Brattleboro wrote on 23 July 2018:
I don't know how to properly express the level of gratitude I feel after Jamesie SO WONDERFULLY gave my 69 year old mother with cancer a very special shout-out during their show at the Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival this past weekend. The entire crowd cheered for her and there was so much love and healing energy in the air it was unbelievable!! She and I were so deeply touched we haven't come down from the clouds all weekend and I doubt we ever will. Jamesie, you and the rest of our beloved Albannach made my dear mother feel so special, so loved and so supported and this feeling will stay with her for the rest of her days. (And she said she is never washing the shirt she was wearing when we got pictures with you.) Words can't express how happy she is and how grateful I am and will always be!
With all my love!!